Logstrup established in 1958, is an international organization engaged in the manufacture and supply of complete range of type tested switchgear and controlgear systems worldwide. This includes the complete range of low voltage applications from the main switchboard down to the smallest distribution board and process panels.

The heart of Logstrup organization focus on quality & safety. As a result, all products will be thoroughly tested by independent test laboratories to ensure their compliance to IEC 60439-1-1999-09, EN 60439-1 1994, BS EN 60439-1 1994 and other international standards.

The following test have been successfully performed at independent test laboratories by ASTA, KEMA, ACAE and IPH.

  • Short Circuit
  • Temperature Rise Test
  • Earth Continuity Test
  • Arc Test (Pehla)
  • Vibration Test
  • Dielectric Test
  • Ingress Protection (IP)
  • Bump Test

Switchboard, Rating: 2.500A, Type: WDU

MCC - Rear Access. Rating: 1600A Type: WDU & MDU

Switchboards and MCC Rating: 5500A Type: Withdrawable Units

Customised Solutions

Face to face with busbar bridge
Switchboard for Computer servers
L-shaped Switchboard